Occupational activity center

Varstveno delovni center POLŽ Maribor (abbreviation: VDC POLŽ Maribor) is a public regional social welfare institution for adults with mental and physical impairment. VDC POLŽ Maribor is the largest occupational activity centre in Slovenia and also in the region of Styria. As the name suggests our institution is located in Maribor, which is the second largest city in our country in terms of population. We are a work-oriented institution operating in a controlled environment for providing guidance, protection, residence and employment under special circumstances as well as creative leisure activities for 253 adults with mental and physical impairment. In over 25 years, our institution has grown and developed extensively. We are now comprised of six units for guidance, protection, and employment under special circumstances in the following cities: Maribor, Lenart, Slovenska Bistrica, Ruše and Šentilj. We also have two housing units in Maribor where we provide institutional care. We are currently in the process of opening the third housing unit in Bohova, Hoče.

The Slovenian acronym for VDC POLŽ Maribor stands for: Let’s help to give purpose in life.

VDC POLŽ Maribor has been awarded the certificate “Family Friendly Enterprise”. Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate has been developed as one of the tools for effective and qualitative human resources management within the organization in the context of balancing professional and private lives of employees. This certificate represents one of various possibilities of functioning as a socially responsible organization.

VDC POLŽ Maribor wurde auch mit dem Zertifikat “Familienfreundliches Unternehmen” ausgezeichnet. Dieses Zertifikat ist eine Anerkennung für das qualitativ hochwertige Personalmanagement innerhalb VDC POLŽ Maribor.

Park mladih 4, 2000 Maribor
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EQF meets ECVET (2013 – 2015)

The aim of the international project EQF meets ECVET (2013 – 2015) was accreditation and certification of basic vocational education and training for vulnerable groups via NQF – National Qualifications Framework and preparation of learning outcomes for individual programmes of vocational education and training at NQF levels 1 and 2.

logo EQF meets ECVET


In 2012, we cooperated in the international project Razširitev kreativnih praks – Extending Creative Practices. We aided individuals of different age groups to develop computer skills at workshops entitled Digital telling of video stories.
MAKE (2011)

In 2011, we cooperated in the international project Make – Measures for achieving knowledge and employment. We took part in a 5-day training in the field of personal and social development of dropouts »Training course for mentors«, and cooperated with activating 12 young people from the region of Styria. We gave them the opportunity to gather experience in actual working environments.

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The purpose of the international project NQF Inclusive (2009 – 2011) was to prepare a catalogue of standards within the EQF (European Qualifications Framework). In 2011 the project NQF Inclusive was nominated for the Austrian award for adult education in the field of Innovation.


PROJEKT HAPPY FARM (2006 – 2008)

The purpose of the international project HAPPY FARM (2006 – 2008) was searching for new forms of employment of difficult-to-employ target groups, offering recreational and educational topics, encouraging ecological farming, and a healthier way of living.